World Kids Conversation


Want To Set a World Record?

Join Us October 24!

Positive words and conversations have power. They help kids become the amazing people they are meant to be. On October 24, we’re bringing together kids between the ages of 6 and 11 years old for a worldwide conversation on their special word.

Organizations empowering kids are invited to join My Special Word® in setting a world record!

Sign up by September 20: https://bit.ly/2KbbTjO

What will be the impact of the conversation?

Your willingness to participate in this event connects kids  around the world and creates the largest My Special Word® (MSW) conversation to empower and inspire kids to be the amazing people they are meant to be.

As a result of engaging in this conversation, kids will:

  • Identify and commit to live out their special word

  • Learn about the importance and power of words, especially positive words

  • Create memorable moments with kids outside their usual peer group

  • Gain meaningful connections and positive perceptions